To play RAR movies without extracting

1. Downoland Dziobas Rar Player from Downoland Dziobas Rar Player from link
2. Install
3. Drag and Drop Rar files.

To play rar files while downloading

1. Completely download first and last part file from movie CD.
CD2/movie.rar (first part)
CD2/movie.r47 (last part)

You must set for this parts high priority in you torrent client. Wait for downoland and play in Dziobas Rar Player

Dziobas RAR player and uTorrent
To do it in utorrent
1. Go to Files.
2. Click or any Rar part.
3. Left Ctrl+A, Left Mouse Button->Low Priority
4. Click on rar part and r47 and  Mouse Button->High Priority

To generate screenshots (Image grabber)

1. "File->Open" file in Dziobas RAR Player
2. File->Generate thumb...
3. This save jpg in movie folder and automatic sends jpg to web and copy link to clipboard..